I’ve been an elementary teacher in NC since 2003, and have taught every grade from 1st-5th at some point. I’ve taught in Title I, charter, and magnet schools (and at one point, a Title I magnet school of the arts with a year-round calendar). The majority of my experience is teaching gifted students in a self-contained classroom, but I’ve also departmentalized with a team one year and with a partner another year.

Why The Curriculum Nerd? I love to create new units to teach, and tweak them for future use. My school is part of a personalized learning cohort within my district, and we have 1:1 Chromebooks in my grade level. Canvas has become one of my favorite things. I like to try out new ideas, and attempt to improve upon them for the next time around. I almost never teach the exact same unit twice.

Why am I blogging? I want to have a consistent way to reflect on my teaching, and an outlet to share ideas (and maybe some materials) with other educators